We've built a reputation for being passionate experts and releasing the hottest products in the marketplace. We are a brand house, not growers. We empower our award-winning growers and grower partners to hunt and create the most fascinating, distinctive, and potent cannabis in Canada and SOON other countries to deliver our fire.

We develop, scale, and market our legacy strains in collaboration with our impressive partners. Our partners trust us to represent their products, business, and brand. And we don't take credit for other people's work; instead, we happily publicize it. Our collaborations are what define us. We treat our partners and their hard work with respect. Always!

High Maintenance began as an anonymous and hidden project with one goal: to shine a light on the most talented people working in the industry's most hidden corners.

We concentrate on delivering the most intriguing and innovative cannabis products to the most discerning customers in the legacy market. Our notoriety grows daily, and each new strain delivery becomes known as a "High Maintenance" on the streets.

We have been in business since 2017 and planned an entry to the Canadian legal market in 2020.

Into the limelight, HIGH MAINTENANCE has emerged from the shadows to bring its infamous underground quality and culture to the legal market, and we can't wait to expand into NEW YORK first! HM delivers game-changing legacy genetics that legal consumers have previously not had access to, thanks to an unrivaled instinct for tastes and trends.

And, even though we've moved to the legal market, our goal remains the same: to shine a light on the best in the legacy market and grow the brand into new markets.

We will never stop challenging the status quo. We can't wait to show off NEW YORK and the world what legacy craft flower is all about! Spread the altitude 😉